‘Hot Topics’ From the Labs

November 5, 2021 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Speaker: Conveners: Dr. Katy Patras, S1: Dr. Laura Cook, S2: Cole R. McCutcheon, S3: Brady Spencer, S4: Rebecca Keogh, S5: Vicki Mercado, S6: Macy Pell, S7: Kay To, S8: Dulmini Nanayakkara Sapugahawatte, S9: Cilicia Nascimento, S10: Kristen Dominguez, S11: Camille Barro, S12: Eleanor Reid & Alexandra Sharp, S13: Olwenn Daniel

This track will present the latest research in group B streptococcus pathogenesis, epidemiology, and therapeutic interventions from early-career investigators.  

Topics include:

1. Characterization of GBS regulatory systems and novel virulence mechanisms in various host environments such as the brain, gut, vagina, and skin  

2. Molecular attributes of GBS clinical maternal and neonatal isolates 

3. Impacts of antibiotic prophylaxis and probiotic treatments on GBS and the host microbiota 

Convener: Dr. Katy Patras
S1: Dr. Laura Cook (10 min)
Title: GBS TCS, microbe-microbe interactions, colonization, and biofilms TBC
S2: Cole R. McCutcheon (5 min)
Title: Production and composition of group B streptococcal membrane vesicles varies across diverse lineages
S3: Brady Spencer (5 min)
Title: A type VII secretion system in Group B Streptococcus mediates cytotoxicity and virulence
S4: Rebecca Keogh (5 min)
Title: The CovR Regulatory Network Influences GBS Persistence in the Diabetic Wound Environment
S5: Vicki Mercado (5 min)
Title: Adding fuel to the fire: how gestational diabetes impacts group B Streptococcus vaginal colonization
S6: Macy Pell (5 min)
Title: Identifying genomic signatures among persistently colonizing GBS isolates after antibiotic treatment
S7: Kay To (5 min)
Title: Genetic associations in maternal to infant Group B Streptococcus transmission and infant colonisation
S8: Dulmini Nanayakkara Sapugahawatte (5 min)
Title: Molecular epidemiology of Group B Streptococcus in Pregnant Women and their neonates from Sri Lanka
S9: Cilicia Nascimento (3 min Elevator)
Title: What is happening between Group B Strep and Lactobacillus?
S10: Kristen Dominguez (3 min Elevator)
Title: Group B Streptococcus β-hemolysin/cytolysin Modulates Intestinal Tight Junction Gene Expression
S11: Camille Barro (3 min Elevator)
Title: Simultaneous carriage of multiple serotypes of Streptococcus Group B: a systematic review
S12: Eleanor Reid & Alexandra Sharp (3 min Elevator)
Title: The effect of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis on the neonatal gut microbiome: a systematic review
S13: Olwenn Daniel (3 min Elevator)
Title: Optimisation of methods for a human infection model for Group B Streptococcus (the TIMING study)
Closing Comments