Vaccines Now + Next

There is no question that effective & safe vaccines will offer the best solution for preventing GBS. We are at a really exciting point in vaccine development with several GBS vaccines now in trials involving pregnant women. What are these vaccines? How will they be licensed? What have we learned from other vaccines about how best to implement and then assess them? What impact will they have? These are among the important questions the experts in session 4 will address! 

Conveners: Dr. Paul Heath & Dr. Clare Cutland
S1: Prof. Shabir Madhi (15 min)
Title: Vaccine Science Overview
S2: Dr. Pauline Paterson (15 min) 
Title: What have we learned about vaccine confidence in pregnant women?
S3: Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo Ter Meulen (15 min)
Title: What is the likely impact of an effective GBS vaccine on AMR?
S4: Per Fischer (5 min)
Title: Development of protein-only GBS vaccine based on N- terminal domains of the GBS Alpha-protein family
S5: Penda Johm (5 min)
Title: Acceptance of new maternal vaccines by women in The Gambia – a qualitative exploration
Panel Discussion (25 min)
S6: Dr. Morena Makhoana
S8: Prof. Shabir Madhi
S9: Dr. Pauline Paterson