Economics Now + Next

November 4, 2021 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: Convener: Prof. Mark Jit, S1: Dr. Raymond Hutubessy, S2: (TBC), S3: Dr. Farah Seedat

Health economic evaluations are used in order to understand how scarce healthcare resources can be deployed in the most efficient and equitable manner. In this track, we will explore the use of health economic evaluations to understand which interventions against Group B Streptococcus (GBS) offer the best value for money. We will look at the cost of GBS disease to health care systems and societies, and the health and economic benefits of interventions to reduce the burden of this disease.

Convener: Prof. Mark Jit
S1: Dr. Raymond Hutubessy (10 min)
Title: Assessing the Full value of vaccines – who for and what next?
S2: Prof. Mark Jit (10 min)
Title: TBC
S3: Dr. Farah Seedat (10 min)
Title: Family and societal cost of GBS: what do we know, what do we need to know?
S4: Shannon Leahy (5 min)
Title: Quantifying the acute costs of neonatal sepsis and meningitis in Mozambique and South Africa
Closing Comments: Prof. Mark Jit