From Development to Implementation

November 4, 2021 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: Chairs: Dr. Asma Khalil & Philipp Lambach, Scene Setting Talk: Dr. Tracey Goodman, Panel MC: Dr. Liz Mason, Introduction to Voting: Dr. Asma Khalil, Panel Questions: Philipp Lambach, S1: Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo-Ter Meulen, S2: Prof. Narendra Arora, S3: Dr. Martina Lukong Baye, S4: Stefano Malvolti, S5: Dr. Dafrossa Lyimo, S6: Sarah Geoghegan, S7: Kate Walker  

How to ensure optimal access to GBS vaccine in low resource settings

This session will describe the current implementation of maternal immunization in low resource settings, and discuss how increased integration and addressing M&E challenges of maternal vaccines can help to pave the way towards increased access to GBS vaccine for women in low resource settings. We will discuss the potential effect of existing challenges on the future introduction of the GBS vaccine and aim to identify possible solutions/pathways that could help counter challenges or build on opportunities for an effective introduction. You as the audience will be able to point a panel of experts on which challenges to maternal immunization need to be addressed as a priority, and how the value of vaccine could/should leverage future vaccine introduction.

Chairs: Dr. Asma Khalil & Dr. Philipp Lambach
Scene Setting Talk: Dr. Tracey Goodman (WHO), (10 mins)
Panel MC: Dr. Liz Mason
Introduction to Voting: Dr. Asma Khalil
Panel Questions: Dr. Philipp Lambach (WHO)(40 mins)
S1: Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo-Ter Meulen (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
S2: Prof. Narendra Arora
S3: Dr. Martina Lukong Baye (Government of Cameroon)
S4: Stefano Malvolti (Global Health Consulting)
S5: Dr. Dafrossa Lyimo
Q&A Session (30 mins)
Panel MC: Dr. Liz Mason
S6: Sarah Geoghegan (10 min)
Title: Preparing for Group B Streptococcus vaccines, health care provider perspectives from three countries
S7: Kate Walker (10 min)
Title: The clinical and cost-effectiveness of testing for Group B Streptococcus in pregnancy: A Cluster Ran
Closing Comments by Panel MC: Dr. Liz Mason