Immunity and Seroepidemiology Now + Next

Current state-of-art and what is next in Immunity, Seroepidemiology and Genomics applied to GBS surveillance and vaccine development.

Senior and junior researchers from all over the world come together in parallel session 3 to discuss the present and future of immunity, seroepidemiology and genomics applied to GBS surveillance and vaccine development. The first panel will deal with host immunity at the vaginal tract with Dr. Kelly Doran, and the current state-of-art in seroepidemiology and genomics at the human and multi-host perspective with Dr. Prescilla Nagao, Prof. Ruth Zadoks and Prof. Stephen Bentley. The second panel will bring what is next in the field presented by emerging early-career leaders Dr. Meryn Bijsma, Dr. Natalia Costa and Dr. Yijun Ding.

Conveners: Prof. Kirsty Le Doare & Dr. Tatiana Pinto
S1: Prof. Kelly Doran (20 min)
Title: GBS host immunity at the vaginal tract
S2: Dr. Prescilla Nagao, Prof. Ruth Zadoks & Prof. Stephen Bentley (Expert Panel Discussion, 25 min)
Title: Current state-of-art in sero-epidemiology and genomics of animal and foodborne GBS and its importance to humans
S3: Dr. Meryn Bijsma, Dr Natalia Costa &  Dr Yijun Ding (Emerging Leaders Panel Discussion, 25 min) 
Title: What is next in GBS seroepidemiology and immunity research presented by emerging leaders in the field
S4: Dr Hannah Davies (5 min)
Title: Epidemiology of GBS maternal and infant disease in Kampala, Uganda
S5: Julia Rhodes (5 min)
Title: The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention-led study to establish immunologic endpoints associated with protection against infant invasive group B streptococcal disease: methodology and updates
S6: Stephanie Leung (5 min)
Title: Stephanie Leung – Interlaboratory comparison of an antibody-mediated opsonophagocytic killing assay measuring function