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Despite how common GBS is at causing disease, there is a lot that remains to be discovered about how it colonizes hosts and causes invasive infections.  Track 2 at ISSAD brings together experts from around the world to share the latest information related to microbiological, genomics, and molecular mechanisms of GBS pathogenesis. Results from the studies presented in Track 2 will likely inform strategies to better diagnose, prevent and treat GBS infections. Join us!

Convener: Prof. Margaret Ip
S1: Prof. Shannon Manning (20 min)
Title: Understanding group B streptococcal colonization
S2: Prof. Steven Townsend (20 min)
Title: Effects of human milk oligosaccharides on GBS pathogenesis
S3: Dr. Asmaa Tazi (20 min)
Title: Perinatal hormones favour CC17 GBS intestinal translocation in neonates
S4: Lindsey Burcham (6 min)
Title: Genome-wide screen of Group B Streptococcal factors contributing to vaginal colonization and ascending
S5: Chrispin Chaguza (6 min)
Title: Genome-wide analysis of loci in GBS associated with disease onset and meningeal tropism in neonates
S6: Julie Guignot (6 min)
Title: Neonatal susceptibility to the hypervirulent clone of Group B Streptococcus (CC17) in meningitis develpoment
S6: Panel Discussion (10 min)