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Time Session 1 - Auditorium Session 2 - Break Out A Session 3 - Break Out B
9:00 am

Young ‘ISSAD’ Networking

10:30 am


11:00 am

Vaccines Now + Next

Conveners: Dr. Paul Heath & Dr. Clare Cutland, S1: Prof. Shabir Madhi, S2: Dr. Pauline Paterson, S3: Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo Ter Meulen, Panel Discussion: S6: Dr. Morena Makhoana, S7: TBC, S8: Prof. Shabir Madhi, S9: Dr. Pauline Paterson

‘Hot Topics’ From the Labs

Conveners: Dr. Katy Patras, S1: Dr. Laura Cook, S2: Cole R. McCutcheon, S3: Brady Spencer, S4: Rebecca Keogh, S5: Vicki Mercado, S6: Macy Pell, S7: Kay To, S8: Dulmini Nanayakkara Sapugahawatte, S9: Cilicia Nascimento, S10: Kristen Dominguez, S11: Camille Barro, S12: Eleanor Reid & Alexandra Sharp, S13: Olwenn Daniel

‘Hot Topics’ Real-World Implications

Convener: Prof. Beate Kampmann, S1: Gaurav Kwatra, S2: Natália Costa, S3: Hylemariam Mihiretie, S4: Debora da Costa Morato Nery, S5: Jaya Chandna, S6: Erzsebet Horvath-Puho, S7: Kathleen Car, S8: Merel van Kassel, S9: Hima B John, S10: Lois Harden
12:30 pm

Lunch – Poster Viewing

Please have a look at our poster booths, leave questions for the academics, and vote on the best poster!
1:30 pm

Plenary 5

Track 1: Conveners: Prof. Joy Lawn & Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo Ter Meulen, S1: Dr. Bronner Goncalves, S2: Prof. Ziyaad Dangor, S3: Dr. Proma Paul, S4: Dr. Hannah Blencowe, 13.30 pm - 14.00 pm, Panel of Tracks 1-8 TBC, 14.00 pm - 14.30 pm, Closing Comments: Convener: Prof. Joy Lawn & Prof. Beate Kampmann TBC, 14.30 pm - 15.00 pm
3:00 pm


3:30 pm

Flexible Networking Session