Time Zone London, UK (GMT)

The ISSAD Conference on the 4th & 5th November will be taking place on our virtual platform: https://issad.vfairs.com/

If you have already registered via Eventbrite you will have been added to the virtual platform. Log in with the email address you have registered with, and there is no password. You will be able to log in on the 4th & 5th November from 8.30 am (you will not be able to log in before that date). Please visit this site for more information on using the interactive platform: Using Vfairs as an Attendee.

Time Session 1 - Auditorium Session 2 - Break Out A Session 3 - Break Out B
9:00 am

Networking: Meet the Experts Young ‘ISSAD’ Mixer

In the Networking Lounge with Prof. Margaret Ip, Prof Caroline Trotter, Prof Asma Khalil and Jane Plumb
10:30 am


11:00 am

Vaccines Now + Next

Conveners: Prof. Paul Heath & Dr. Clare Cutland, S1: Prof Paul Heath, S2: Dr. Pauline Paterson, S3: Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo Ter Meulen, Panel Discussion: S6: Dr. Morena Makhoana, S7: Prof. Shabir Madhi, S8: Dr. Pauline Paterson

‘Hot Topics’ From the Labs

Conveners: Dr. Katy Patras, S1: Dr. Laura Cook, S2: Cole R. McCutcheon, S3: Brady Spencer, S4: Rebecca Keogh, S5: Vicki Mercado, S6: Macy Pell, S7: Kay To, S8: Dulmini Nanayakkara Sapugahawatte, S9: Cilicia Nascimento, S10: Kristen Dominguez, S11: Camille Barro, S12: Eleanor Reid & Alexandra Sharp, S13: Olwenn Daniel

‘Hot Topics’ Real-World Implications

Convener: Prof. Beate Kampmann, S1: Gaurav Kwatra, S2: Natália Costa, S3: Hylemariam Mihiretie, S4: Debora da Costa Morato Nery, S5: Jaya Chandna, S6: Erzsebet Horvath-Puho, S7: Kathleen Car, S8: Merel van Kassel, S9: Hima B John, S10: Lois Harden
12:30 pm

Lunch – Poster Viewing

Please have a look at our poster booths, leave questions for the academics, and vote on the best poster!
1:30 pm

Plenary: Group B Strep: what now and what next by 2023?

Track 1: Conveners: Prof. Joy Lawn & Prof. Ziyaad Dangor, S1: Prof. Joy Lawn, S2: Prof. Ziyaad Dangor, S3: Dr. Proma Paul, S4: Dr. Hannah Blencowe, 13.30 pm - 14.00 pm, Panel of Tracks 1-8 TBC, 14.00 pm - 14.30 pm, Closing Comments: Convener: Prof. Joy Lawn & Prof. Beate Kampmann TBC, 14.30 pm - 15.00 pm
3:00 pm


3:30 pm

Add-on session (Gates Foundation): Data – a gamechanger for maternal immunization uptake and coverage

Intro: Dr. Ajoke Sobanjo-ter Meulen, S1: Professor Flor Munoz-Rivas, S2: Professor Marian Knight, S3: Professor Lee Fairlie, S4: Professor Alisa Kachikis, S6: Professor Asma Khalil

Meet the Experts

Head over to the Networking Lounge to Meet the Experts!