To kickstart GBS Awareness month off I would like to welcome the Group B Strep Support Group of South Africa! This is a support group started by a team of passionate health care professionals with the hopes of improving the awareness and improving treatment of all those affected directly or indirectly by Group B Streptococcus (Streptococcus Agalactiae).

While still in very early stages, they have set themselves ambitious plans to grow their social media presence and create support groups for both parents and patients affected by GBS. They have different social media accounts used to distribute material relevant to both health care workers and parents – aiming to improve awareness around prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of GBS. They also have created a support group / network where parents or patients affected by GBS can connect.

You can find them on Instagram (@gbssupportsa) or Facebook (Group B Strep Support Group SA) for exciting resources and posts on Group B Strep aimed at both health care workers and the public.

Alternatively, Whatsapp “Hi” to the Group B Strep Support Group SA Hotline +27 72 907 1622, or email you name and details to to find out more and how you can get involved in this exciting project.

(All personal information will be kept secure and not be distributed to any third parties as per POPIA guidelines.)
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